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Want to go electric?

Neolium EV is the home charging solution for owners of an electric car. Prefer charging at home, which is more economical and comfortable than regular access and a queue at the charging station near your home.

Ask a professional for installation to have peace of mind and the assurance of an optimal installation.

A charging station finally accessible to all!


Discover Neolium EV

Stop wasting time and money at public charging stations.
Neolium EV is the preferred home charging station for electric car users!

The charging station

A charging power

7,3 kWh 32A

Charge your electric car efficiently with a powerful charging station delivering 7.3 kWh.

Compatible with all vehicles
Socket T2

Designed to meet the greatest number of electric vehicles in Europe, this charging station is designed to charge all types of cars with a T2 socket.

The cable

The essential

5 meters 7,3 kW 32A

Always have at hand a T2-T2 charging cable with a power of 7.3 kW 32A, a length of 5 meters wherever you are. (cable included with the charging station)

Smart cable

Adapts to needs and situations

The cable will work safely on terminals of equal, lower or higher wattage. The charging power will be limited by the cable, the charging station or the car.

Video installation

We recommend installing the charging station for electric cars with the help of a professional.


We are proud to change habits!


Technical specifications

Features EV 7,3 kWh 32A T2
Charging station Power supply : 220-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power : 7,3 kWh 32A, single phase
Socket : Type 2 Europe (T2)
Protections : Overheating, residual currents, overvoltages
Dimensions : 357 x 180 x 110mm
Protection : IP65
Cable Power : 7,3 kWh 32A, single phase
Socket : Type 2 Europe (T2)
Lenght : 5 meter
Protection : IP65