Solar, accessible to all

Neolium GROUND

The Solar Station to plug in!

Assemble, connect and plug in less than 2 minutes!


Neolium GROUND

The Solar Station for balcony!

Place the two supports so that your balcony gets a tan in less than 5 minutes!



A solid experience

in renewable energy

A strategic positioning

Europe / Asia

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Assistance dedicated to your needs

Want to switch to solar energy?

Neolium GROUND is the Solar Station to be connected in less than 5 minutes and without any DIY! Simply open the box, take out the kit, screw it by hand to the desired angle of inclination and then plug the electrical cord into a simple socket.

You will thus produce your own green electricity. This electricity will be automatically distributed on your network and will allow you to save money on your electricity bill.

Solar is finally accessible to everyone!


Let the sun work for you!

Discover Neolium GROUND

Say goodbye to complicated, do-it-yourself kits and solar panels.
Neolium GROUND requires no knowledge and no tools!

The Panel


A studied design

Capture the energy of the sun

Its elegant design called “full black”, its high performance positions this product in the “high performance” category.

Power and performance
410W and 23%

Made from extremely efficient monocrystalline silicon cells, this 410W rigid solar panel has an exceptional efficiency of 23% which guarantees you fast charging. Combined with a micro-inverter including an MPPT algorithm to optimize your solar production.

Unfailing robustness

Resistant to strong weather and strong winds with a rigid and stable structure.

The Inverter

An essential tool

Convert solar energy

With its high efficiency, recover kWh from dawn to dusk. The efficient and robust design reduces failures and increases its lifespan.

Optimal efficiency
99.8% energy returned

The inverter continuously searches for the highest power point of the solar panel. Thus, you recover the maximum of energy produced.

Technical specifications

Features GROUND 410W
Solar panel Full black mono
182 cells (6 x 18)
Dimensions : 1722 x 1134 x 35mm
Protection : IP65
Inverter Output : 400W
Performance : 99,80 % (MPPT)
Protection : IP65
Smartphone Application : "Smart Life"
Support Integrated and ready to use
Color : black
Choice of inclinations : 25° à 35° (3 levels every 5°)
Installation: floor, wall or balcony (supports included)
Connectivity Mains cable: 5 meters (included)

Neolium GROUND

The Solar Station to plug in

Neolium GROUND

The Solar Station for balcony