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Tired of being isolated during a power outage?

Neolium PWS is THE range of multifunctional emergency and travel power stations! Charge the station from your own electrical network or by solar panel to be autonomous whenever you want!

Save on your electricity bill and no longer be stressed during a power outage.


The electric station that never leaves you!

Discover Neolium PWS

Combine the useful with the economical by storing energy in a multifunction electrical station.
Neolium PWS is THE largest range of power stations that meets all needs in terms of energy capacity and use!

Portable Power station


A wide choice of power

From 150W to 3600W

Don’t run out of battery or power your household appliances in the event of a power outage with a portable power station.

Portable Power Station

USB, solar, car

Connect all types of devices to your electrical station! The stations offer USB ports, electrical outlets, a solar panel charging port, etc.

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